Zigi Embroidery Kit, Kasia Jacquot

A stunning complete embroidery kit to stitch the beautiful Zigi design by Kasia Jacquot. The 100% linen panel is beautifully printed and is ready for you to add your stitches . . . Read more


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A stunning complete embroidery kit to stitch the lovely Zigi design by Kasia Jacquot. The 100% linen panel is beautifully printed and is ready for you to add your stitches. The kit contains everything you need and even includes a bonus print of the design so you can use it on another project. When complete why not stitch your panel into a piece of clothing, use it in a quilt, hang it on your wall, make it into a pillow, display it on a table, turn it into a bag . . . the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Kasia has designed the pattern to give you flexibility in choosing to embroider it. You can follow all her instructions step by step and stitch it the way she has, or you can vary some stitches or do your own thing! Your finished project will look beautiful, whether it is filled with lots of stitches or just a few. 

Kasia's designs are deliberately bold and chunky. She uses all six strands of thread more than 90% of the time, which means the work is finished quicker and has a delicious thick texture to it. It also means any wonky lines or uneven stitches blend nicely into the whole design.

The Kit Contains:

  • Printed design on 100% linen (245gsm weight)
  • Size 24 chenille needle
  • DMC stranded cotton threads
  • Full stitching instructions
  • Colour photos
  • BONUS extra printed pattern of the design for you to use on another project!
  • A small gift card with matching design

The printed linen measures 33cm x 35cm

Every kit is packaged minimally with all the kits being wrapped beautifully in the stitching instructions. The linen only wears a small sticker and the threads are all packed in small wraps of cardboard.

About Kasia . . . Kasia is a Polish born folk artist living in Sydney Australia. 

"I didn’t formally learn embroidery, I absorbed it as a child growing up in a small Polish village surrounded by lots of women who made everyday things. Back then (in the 1970s) women knitted, sewed, embroidered, and crocheted not as a hobby but out of necessity and a natural drive to make things by hand. My childhood world was full of handmade, hand painted, hand stitched, mended and knitted things. I know that the desire to create and make is innate in us all. Embroidery is one expression of that desire and what a stunning expression it is!

My finished pieces are not delicate or fragile. I use them, wear them, hang them on the walls and let children play with them and touch them.

There is a marvellous world of embroidery that is far removed from the traditional tiny stitches, perfect back-sides and strict rules and I want to take you there. This world is fun, relaxing and magical and it’s what all my work is based around".

Zigi Embroidery Kit, Kasia Jacquot

Zigi Embroidery Kit, Kasia Jacquot