Meet the Clothkittens

Kay - Owner

Kay Mawer is the owner of Clothkits and has been at the helm since 2007. Taught to sew by her mother, from the age of ten could be found in the attic beavering away with the sewing machine and whatever fabrics were to hand (often curtains!).  Having spent the first ten years after college wondering what to do when she grew up, Kay embarked on a creative career after the birth of her first daughter.  Dabbling in the arts meant experimentation in textiles and garment construction, painting, print, photography, digital media and sculpture. Kay has an First Class degree in Fine Art, a passion for textiles and a great entrepreneurial spirit!
After many conversations reminiscing about the Clothkits brand, she vowed to bring the iconic brand back to life. Kay found Clothkits laying dormant in the depths of the catalogue giant Freemans, and after a lot of negotiation the brand was relaunched in 2008. If you would like to read a bit more about the journey then we have had a great feature in The Telegraph Magazine which you can read here. Kay is blessed with the support at Clothkits from a small, talented and close knit team. Come meet us!
Karen - Shop Manager

Keeping many plates in the air, Karen not only manages the Chichester Clothkits store, but can often be found dispatching your online shopping.

Rachel - Workshop Co-ordinator

When she’s not organising our fabulous workshops, you’ll find Rachel on the shop floor. With a background in banking, her organisational skills are a clear winner.

Anna - E-commerce Manager

Anna makes sure the website is looking good and full of exciting goodies to tempt you with.

Lisa - The Kit Queen

If there is a kit to be made, then Lisa is your (wo)man​.​ ​Lisa has been working for Clothkits since 2008 and brings her own sense of fun to each day.

Maria - Dressmaking Tutor

As well as being an incredible designer, pattern cutter and seamstress, Maria is also an excellent teacher, who's passion for sewing is infectious.