Clothkits Testimonials

"Could I just say how completely amazing your service is. If I have a whim to make something it arrives from you the next day, everything I have ordered from you is totally gorgeous. Please keep up the good work." -  Janet Avison

“I started buying "Clothkits" in the 1970s and have made clothes for my daughter, and myself, and now my grandchildren are wearing them! But because they are such fun to make, and so easy, I still cannot resist making new items. I am a great fan. The quality is second to none, and the designs never fail to catch the eye. Well done Clothkits. Thank you for coming back!" -  Fran Butler

“I had a wonderful day learning to make a kimono top. Lots of encouragement for a rookie like me! Great venue and copious cups of tea or coffee. I was anxious as am new to sewing, but everyone puts you at your ease and are eager to help. Thank you."  -  Rosemary Appleby