Patterntrace Swedish Tracing Paper, 10m


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Patterntrace is a soft and translucent Swedish tracing paper which is ideal for dressmakers, durable but easy to see through, and excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns. A generous 1m wide roll contains 10m of paper. Made with sustainable abaca fibres this paper is much more durable and tear resistant than regular paper. Plus its eco-friendly properties mean you can compost your leftovers. 

Important Shipping Info: To send the Patterntrace paper we take it off the roll and carefully fold it. This is to save shipping costs and delivery times as the only courier that will accept such a long thin package is Evri (Hermes). If you would like the paper to arrive on the roll please leave us a message in the comments box at checkout, but please note that you will not receive the paper for a few days.

Why is it so good?

  1. It is fibrous, like light interfacing, so easier to manipulate than paper.
  2. It is translucent so you can easily trace the pattern beneath it.
  3. It is a metre wide, ideal for large dressmaking patterns, no more taping pieces together.
  4. You can use it to draft patterns, why not place it over your cutting board so you can see the grid underneath to help guide you.
  5. It comes in 10m rolls, enough for several patterns
  6. You can use it to make pattern alterations ensuring a good fit
  7. You can iron it to remove creases, so feel free to fold up your patterns to store them so they don’t take up too much space.
  8. You can sew it to make toiles or 3d versions of bag patterns etc. No special needle or thread is needed, just sew it as you would cotton fabric.
  9. You can use it to trace multiple sizes of a pattern – preserving the expensive original pattern.
  10. It’s easy to write on, use a pencil, chalk or pen, it’s not shiny and slippery like regular tracing paper so much easier to label or transfer pattern markings.
  11. It is made from Abaca fibres which means it is compostable and environmentally friendly
Patterntrace Pattern Cutting Patterntrace Swedish Tracing Paper, 10m 10423

Patterntrace Swedish Tracing Paper, 10m